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Mahjong is a traditionally a multiplayer game for four players that originated in China. Mahjong tiles or cards are used to play the game of Mahjong. There are many different variations of tiles but the essence of the game remains the same. The tile can be made out of different materials (plastic, wood, ivory etc.) and have contain different decorations. Among so many Mahjong tiles there are a few general groups which they fall into. The pictures on the tiles vary quite a bit.

Traditionallty, a Mahjong game set consists of 144 tiles, which can be divided into three main groups - Suit, Honour and Flower tiles. The suits are further divided into Circle, Bamboo and Character tiles, each containing tiles representing numbers from 1 to 9.

Circle tiles are decorated with different numbers of circles:
Bamboo tiles are decorated with different numbers of little bamboo pictures:
Character tiles represent the Chinese number symbols:
The honor tiles are composed of the Dragons and Winds. Originally, the Dragon tiles are said to have something to do with the Chinese Imperial Examination:
Wind tiles, representing east, south, west and north, are decorated with the Chinese wind symbols. The players are also named according to the four wind directions and play commences in the anti-clockwise order east - south - west - north.
Dragon tiles stand for the red, white, and green dragons:
Bonus tiles consist of four Flowers and Seasons.

Detailed Mahjong gameplay rules are available here.

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Free Mahjong games are collection of Mahjong games found on the internet and playable online. Play Mahjong games with a variety of matching tiles or try real multiplayer Mahjong!
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Free mahjong games are games that portray traditional and new age Mahjong tiles either through matching or regular play.
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